Our rooms cater for different ages and levels of development.

When children have reached a certain age and/or level of development, as assessed by our qualified educators, and in collaboration with parents, they are assisted in making a successful and exciting transition to the next room.

With this in mind, the following age-split is provided as a rough guide only to help you navigate our room structure and developmental goals and objectives.

Birth – 18 months:  Pipis Room

Our Pipis Room offers a warm inviting early learning environment for children from birth to 18 months of age. We understand this may be the first experience leaving your child with people outside your family and we invite parents and family members to spend as much time as they like in the room interacting with their child and also getting to know the educators.

We provide a range of experiences, which helps early developmental milestones, and we also offer flexible routine, which allows us to keep as close as possible to your child’s home routine. Your child will be introduced to the joy of painting, water play, sand, play dough along with many other experiences. As your child grows we also have opportunities to climb, jump, crawl and dance all this is done in a safe supervised environment.

With a separate outdoor environment to retreat to away from the hustle and bustle, the Pipis children have the opportunity to explore with their peers and consistent educators, whilst still having access to the main yard with the busy toddlers.

18 months – 3 years:  Seals Room

The Seals Room children are aged between 18 months to 3 years. Our room offers a safe environment and accommodates for all children’s individual needs and interests. Our children are at the age where independence plays a big part. The children are learning to put words into sentences, or even speaking. The Seals room encourages a lot of curiosity, enthusiasm, cooperation, confidence, creativity and imagination. Our room enjoys using their creative skills whether it is painting, drawing, pasting or play dough. We frequently enjoy playing outdoors which promotes their large muscle development to run, jump, dig and dance.

Offering an indoor/outdoor program that includes yoga, music, investigative projects and a large variety of creative experiences, the children are supported to build relationships and develop their communication skills.

We strive to make our learning program inclusive and each month the children engage in celebrating the diverse cultures and communities through the world.

3 – 4 years:  Dolphins Room

Our Dolphins Room provides a supportive and inclusive program for children aged 3 to 4 years. We encourage self-help (toilet training, dressing themselves, hygiene practice) for the children to attempt and eventually succeed with the aid of the educators.

In the Dolphins Room we provide a dynamic program where the children are always learning through their play. We provide sensory/messy play, creative/expressive art and dramatic/imaginative play which are all planned by the children communicating and expressing their wants and needs to the educators.

Throughout the day the children are offered an indoor/outdoor program where the children have the choice on what they want to experience. Outside we offer many different play spaces for the children to experience. They can create in the sandpit, build with the variety of blocks or move the dirt with the dump trucks.

The outdoor learning environment is a creative space where children are encouraged to use a range of resources to support their problem solving skills, creativity, communication and investigative skills.

4 – 6 years:  Kinder Room

Read about our Kinder Program here.